Ride Skills and techniques for Ride lessons and Water Support riders.


When teaching kiteboarding from the water in a ride lesson, the instructors must be able to deliver instruction and support while riding. This requires a high degree of skill, confidence, and some specific techniques.


Ride Instructors and Water support must:

  1. Ride extremely confidently, in all conditions.
  2. Have appropriate and functional equipment.
  3. Carry a safety knife,
  4. Carry a spare kite leash.
  5. Be able to ride close to other kiters
  6. Be able to react quickly to avoid accidents.
  7. Must be able to communicate on the water.
  8. Must be able to retrieve lost boards.
  9. Must be able to tow in a rider.
  10. Must be able to tow in a kite,
  11. Must be able to recover a loose kite.
  12. Must be able to transfer a kite on the water.


As we are teaching an increasing number of ride lessons, every instructor should be training to achieve this skill set. Please ask me if you want to learn the specific techniques listed above, and we can do some training exercises together.



David Dorn