Public Safety at Kite beaches an Kite Launches:



Kiting naturally attracts crowds. People want to see the action and the spectacle of kiting. So it is normal that the public will come close to the places where kiters congregate especially on the beaches and launch sites.

The public should be informed of the risks of getting too close to kite equipment.

And riders and spectators should know how to best share the space so to avoid any unnecessary risks to spectators and participants.


General Information:

Kite launch sites are like airports and intersections. Beware of kite traffic.

Kiters need room to enter and exit the water from the beach.

Kiters should set up their gear away from the water’s edge.

Do not set up where kiters enter the water.

Move away from the water’s edge quickly after landing.

Move your kite back from the waters edge.

Secure your kite properly with sand.

Wrap your lines, and disconnect your lines.


Tips for kiters:

Do not launch when a person is close to the kite or lines.

Keep an eye out for all kinds of “traffic”.

Pedestrian traffic can come from any direction.

Tell people when you are about to launch, so that they do not accidentally walk into your lines or under your kite.

Relocate to avoid getting close to people.

Better to launch downwind of any bystanders.

Ride slow when near fishing lines and swimmers.

Do not launch or fly over people.

Never expect an untrained person to catch your kite.

Loose kites can hurt bystanders downwind.

Always secure kites with sand to prevent blow-aways.

Disconnect kite lines after use.


Tips for spectators:

Kites and kite lines can cause injury.

Try to avoid areas where kites are launching and landing.

Do not attempt to catch a kite unless you are trained to do so.

Please do not touch or move any kiting equipment.

Kites can launch unexpectedly if moved or if they are unsecured.

Do not walk under any flying kites (they can fall down).

Try to stay upwind (behind) of any kiters.

Do not step on kite lines.

Do not walk between a kite and the rider (to avoid the lines).

Do not fish or swim where kites are flying.

Kiters move fast and fishing lines can catch their boards or lines.

Wrap up your lines when not in use and put kites together to use less space.

Keep a proper lookout for other water users and beach users.



Public and bystander safety:

Kiters are responsible for their activity and their equipment.

Do not attempt to kite unless you can do so in a safe manner.

Do not put bystanders or the public at risk.

Consider public safety first before launching your kite.

Always be polite and considerate to other beach/water users.

Share the space, and be considerate of other people’s comfort and safety.