Riding Lesson Tips

Riding Lesson Tips and tricks By David Dorn Upwind Riding Ride at a slow plane. Keep a good board angle. Weight on Front foot. Bend the front knee, Do not oversheet kite. Look where you [...]

Ocean Rescue

OCEAN RESCUE Performing rescues in the water can be difficult and can present any number of unique problems. There may be several ways to reach a victim in trouble. The victim may be a student or [...]

Jump Tech

Kiteboarding Jump Tech Learning to jump is easy if someone shows you how. Snowboarders and surfers may have some crossover when learning the jump. There are several components of the jump, the board steering, the [...]

How to fly a Kite

"The basics of kite flying do not need to be complicated. With some basic equipment, some open space, and a little breeze you can master the fundamental flying skills in an afternoon. Using the trainer [...]

Kiteboarding Hand Signals

When communicating on-water or over a distance, wind and wave noise will drown out almost all verbal communication. So it is necessary for kiteboarders to use visual communications to signify their intent, and especially useful [...]

Kite Bar Terminology

Kite Bar Terminology Learning the Kite bar's terminology and understanding the function of the parts is the first step towards having kite control. Learn the right names for the parts of the bar so you [...]

Control Bar Technique

Control Bar Technique Bar setup and bar technique need your respect and undivided attention. Preparing to launch is a serious time, and can make or break your session. Setting up your bar correctly is a [...]