SUP Instructor Course

SUP Standup Paddleboard Instructor Course In the "SUP Standup paddleboard Instructor Course," you will get an overview of the responsibilities of the Standup Paddleboard Instructor. The course includes important safety information, choosing the right equipment [...]

SUP Touring

Is there anything better than loading everything you need on your vessel and really getting away from it all?  Welcome to the world of SUP Touring or Expedition Paddling.  This style of SUP is essentially [...]

Wind & Weather

Wind & Weather Course: *This is a stand-alone course, but it is also a required prerequisite for all instructor training. Certificate: At the end of the course you can print your Certificate of Completion.

Ropework & Knots

Ropework & Knots:  Working with ropes, lines, and learning to tie knots is helpful to learn some of the correct terminologies. In this course, we look at ropes, lines, ropework, and some of the most useful [...]