SUP Instructor Course

SUP Standup Paddleboard Instructor Course In the "SUP Standup paddleboard Instructor Course," you will get an overview of the responsibilities of the Standup Paddleboard Instructor. The course includes important safety information, choosing the right equipment [...]

Intro SUP Paddleboarding

Intro to SUP with Pro-paddleboarders/Featured Instructors: Kevin and Christian Cullen. You’ve probably seen it on your local waterway or if not on a commercial or even in the movies.  Stand-Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, once on [...]

Downriver SUP Course 

Downriver SUP Online Training Course    Description   Downriver SUP is navigating a stand-up paddleboard down a moving body of channeled water.  The difficulty of this activity can range from a mellow stroll down a [...]

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