SUP Instructor Course

SUP Standup Paddleboard Instructor Course In the "SUP Standup paddleboard Instructor Course," you will get an overview of the responsibilities of the Standup Paddleboard Instructor. The course includes important safety information, choosing the right equipment [...]

SUP Touring

Is there anything better than loading everything you need on your vessel and really getting away from it all?  Welcome to the world of SUP Touring or Expedition Paddling.  This style of SUP is essentially [...]

Intro SUP Paddleboarding

Intro to SUP with Pro-paddleboarders/Featured Instructors: Kevin and Christian Cullen. You’ve probably seen it on your local waterway or if not on a commercial or even in the movies.  Stand-Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, once on [...]

Surfing Instructor

SAFE SURFING: Instructor Training Course includes online study materials,  lessons, and tests.  Please note that you must complete the 2 pre-requisite courses before completing this course. Please study all the chapters in the course before [...]

How to SUP 101

This is a basic course in beginner SUP paddleboarding. fast and fun for all levels, no experience required.