Teach Kiting to Kids

As an Instructor, it is important to be able to modify your teaching strategies to suit the needs of your students. This is especially the case with your youngest students. Sometimes they need extra attention and [...]

Kiteboard Waveriding

Kiteboard Wave Riding By David Dorn Riding Waves requires a combination of specific skills. Understanding the different skills and requirements is key to successful wave riding. In this course you will learn about the following: Understanding [...]

Kiteboarder Course

Kiteboarder Course This is a knowledge-based course for Kiteboarders. This is a stand alone course, but it is also a required prerequisite for the instructor course. This Kiteboarder Course includes online study materials, videos,  lessons, [...]

Kiteboard Instructor (Maui)

This Kiteboarding Instructor Course includes online study materials,  lessons, and tests.  Please note that you must complete the 2 pre-requisite courses before completing this course. Please study all the chapters in each of the courses [...]